Americans don t refer to Southern hospitality for nothing.

It turns out there s proof those living in Southern states are well mannered, especially those in the Carolinas.

A study by Marchex, a mobile ad technology company, dubs South Carolina as the Most Courteous. North Carolina ranks No. 2. Marchex says residents are most likely to say please and thank you. Maryland, in third place, is the only Northern state in the top five. Louisiana and Georgia rank fourth and fifth, respectively.

The study also determined where people are most likely to curse. It turns out Ohioans are the most foul-mouthed Americans. The Buckeye State is joined by Maryland, New Jersey, Louisiana and Illinois.

Marchex conducted its survey by looking at more than 600,000 phone calls placed by consumers to various companies over a year. The agency released the results in May but they are getting a recent boost in online chatter.

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