CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Friday started out cold for the Charlotte region but the mild temperatures will be here for the afternoon.

Today will be mostly sunny skies across the area, with highs in the low 50s and clouds increasing late in the day.

It will start to warm up by mid-afternoon with temperatures reaching the mid-50s by 2 p.m., forecaster Larry Sprinkle said.

The weekend, however, will have a different feel. Saturday is going to be a cold washout, Sprinkle said.

Expect rain on and off the entire day with high temperatures barely getting into the low 40s.

There could even be a mix of rain and snow early in the mountains before it all changes to rain. The chance of rain Saturday is near 100 percent.

The big system is coming from the west, Sprinkle said. This evening you will start seeing clouds form in our area. Rain will start moving across the Foothills and Piedmont around 10 a.m. tomorrow. The heavy rain will move in around mid-afternoon.

Sunday will be much drier as the rain moves out in the morning with sunshine appearing by afternoon.

Expect windy conditions with high briefly in the low 50s but falling into the 40s by evening.

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