MECKLENBURGCOUNTY, N.C. -- Heavy rains brought creeks in northern Mecklenburg and southern Cabarrus counties to the tops of their banks Saturday, but no damage to homes was reported.

A flood warning stayed in effect for the areas until 10 p.m. Saturday. The National Weather Service warned that Pharr Mill Road and Stallings Road might be covered by as much as a foot of water near the Rocky River, north of Rocky River Road.

Mallard Creek reached flood stage just south of I-485, said a stream gauge reading from the U.S. Geological Survey.

Residents of the Queens Grant Mobile Home Park watched the water creep up to the top of the creek bed behind their homes, but not spill over. The creek looked more like a river early Saturday, said resident William Land.

I haven't seen it deeper than 8 inches normally, said Land. It's a fairly small creek normally -- and as you can see now, that would rival river category.

Clarks Creek in the University Area also rose, skimming the bridges along the greenway behind Mallard Creek Elementary School.

Emergency officials warn drivers not to drive through standing water, as their cars may stall or even be swept away.

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