CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Many people still can't get out of their homes safely after the snow and ice storm that came through the Charlotte area. That's why Operation Blessings is here from Virginia. They spent the day going home to home helping those in need.

I would be scared to death to try and get out and drive in this, scared to death. Well I couldn't, said Nancy Funderburk.

Funderburk, 74, has been holed up in her rural Concord home since the snow storm hit and she's still been unable to even safely walk outside her home, which is why she called for help after hearing about Operation Blessings.

When we started seeing the storm come through Charlotte, we connected with Fire Church, one of our church partners and we've been out in the community, said Operation Blessings Director, Dan Moore.

Operations Blessings is made up of volunteers, based out of Virginia they respond to natural disasters and weather events not only in the U.S but overseas, and they saw the Charlotte area as one in need of their help.

Helping people remove snow from their driveway so they can get out to doctors appointments, we're helping those that are elderly those who can't help themselves or have the means to be able to shovel, said Moore.

With a long winding driveway surrounded by woods, the help is a huge relief for Funderburk.

I think that's amazing that somebody would take their day off to come help me. I really do, and I appreciate that, said Funderburk.

They're still looking for volunteers and people who need help. They'll be here through the weekend. If you want to help you can call 757-374-0944. If you need help, call 757-274-8650.

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