PORTLAND -- Do you use the word party as a verb? Do you need to let your little kids off the leash for a while? Well, spring break starts Friday whether you are an anxious students looking to let off steam or a haggard parent looking for a little relief, it s time to grab your water wings and/or your best hangover cure and head for the beach.

Photos: Top 10 Spring Break Destinations

Here are 10 of the most popular destinations for Spring Break appearing on other Best destination lists across the internet. These spots offer a perfect backdrop for wholesome family fun or your next round of regrettable decisions.

Lake Havasu AZ This little town that s home to the London Bridge is ranked by Travel & Leisure as one of the most crowded places to go for spring break so they must be doing something right.

Las Vegas, NV Sin City makes it to almost every major list of top destinations. Obviously what happens in Vegas stays in, let s home all those students aren t planning to do their homework there.

Cabos San Lucas, Mexico Los Cabos have access to 'Authentic Mexico' (and we use the term sparingly) as well as resort glitz and tons of students taking things waaaay too far.

Dominican Republic-- Places like Puerto Plata and Punta Cana make the top of best spring break destinations lists from Huffington Post to to This Caribbean country has been a rising star in the vacation world despite its awkward location right next to Haiti.

Miami Beach, FL-- Don t mess with the best. Vast beaches, supermodel glamour, colorful architecture and lots of cha-cha-cha music. No self-respecting spring break list and go without this sun-drench hot spot for ironic Don Johnson references.

South Padre Island, TX The Gulf Coast city has been a popular student destination for decades. So popular even BusinessInsider lists it as a top destination. Really, BusinessInsider? South Padre Island is so OVER!

Venice/Santa Monica CA -- I haaaate L.A. you sing most of the time, but Venice and Santa Monica top many top spring break lists. The two areas sit on LA s most popular beaches, are connected by an extensive bike path and have sweeping views of the city s glamour air pollution.

Panama City, FL Want some quiet little time? Looking for an out of the way place that s easy to get to and far away from the beer drenched hordes? Then don t go here.

Steamboat Springs, CO Oddly this Rocky Mountain resort town makes it to several lists of Spring Break spots even though it seems about as far from a sunny beach as possible. Some people are beach people, some people are mountain people, so people go to EuroDisney and ask themselves What was I thinking?

Portland, OR -- USAToday ranked Portland in its 10 Great Places for Affordable Spring Breaks. They say, scenery and active food scene makes it a fun (and surprisingly inexpensive) place to pick for spring break.

Hey, we could all save a little money. The weather is going to be pretty good for the first week, so sit back, relax, stay at home. You are already in the best of all possible worlds.

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