CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A train destroyed a truck in a Charlotte collision Wednesday.

It happened around 5 p.m. at the intersection of West Summit and South Clarkson near Uptown.

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It took crews about three hours to clean-up the debris along the train tracks. Michael Knight saw part of the truck disintegrate before his eyes.

He said the collision sounded like an explosion. He was among several people who rushed to the driver s aide.

The fact he was alive was most shocking to me. I was expecting to see something I didn't want to see when I got out of there. he said.

Knight said the driver was bleeding from the head, but alert.

He was mainly mad at himself. Policeman asked him were the arms down on the tracks sir , and he said yah. I tried to beat it.

Initial reports indicate the train was traveling 25-30 mph at the time of impact.

The train hit the bed of the truck, rather than the cab. The driver suffered cuts and bruises but the injuries are minor.

Police say the driver was an independent contractor hauling desserts and snacks.The driver is in his 60 s and was cited for failing to stop at a railroad crossing.

Summit Avenue was closed while officers investigated the crash.

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