CLOVER, S.C. -- An investigation into the safety of high school football helmets is getting noticed by local coaches.

NBC Charlotte uncovered frightening data as we examined protection levels of helmets. It's based on a rating system developed by researchers at Virginia Tech.

The system uses one through five stars to rank the helmet's ability to protect the head from concussions. Earlier this week, we told you about an Alabama football player who never walked again after a routine tackle.

Friday, coaches at Clover High School told us the same helmets worn by that player were on their own shelves when they took over the team last year.

When we got here, it wasn't a good situation. Some things had been sliding for a couple of years, not that there was anything wrong with the equipment, but we felt it wasn't to a standard that was safe for our kids, said assistant head coach Chris Bunting.

The coaches say they believe in the Virginia Tech rankings, so they got rid of everything below four stars.

They bought 65 new helmets at a cost of about $30,000. Coaches and the district say they consider it worth every penny.

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