CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It s a common scene at the Urban Ministry Center: people unloading food for the needy.

On Tuesday the scene repeated. This time, volunteers helped unload bags-- bags of sandwiches and lunches.

It helps out a lot. It s hard out here when you don t have a job and no place to live, said Gregory Perry, as he helped unload about 1000 sandwiches.

The lunch bags are part of an ongoing project at Providence Spring Elementary School. For nine years, fourth graders at the school have made sandwiches for the homeless. Thirty-three thousand sandwiches to date!

They feel nobody cares or wants to help them. But here we are, trying to help, trying to lift their spirits, said fourth grader Anneleigh Twer.

God s got his hands on you, she writes in a note to someone who will get the bag she s packing.

So don t live your life in fear, she reads as she continues to pack.

Tulu Ajayi says she and her friends are getting the biggest reward.

We re happy we just made someone happy like we are. We have a lot that they don t have so we should be thankful, she says.

The program has become a year-long project. Students raise money during a talent show and bake sale; proceeds go to help buy food that is needed for the lunches.

They want to make a difference in the world. Even if it s one sandwich at a time, they re making a difference, said the student s teacher and the person who started the project almost a decade ago, Linda O Connor.

In addition to the money raised, local vendors also help make it possible, says O Connor, including Harris Teeter, Frito Lay, Washington Fruit, Boar s Head, Saputo and Flowers Bakery.

Several other schools in CMS have adopted the mission, but O Connor would like to see it get bigger and hopes one day her school will be able to support other schools as they start their own sandwich ministry.

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