CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The FBI is asking for help in identifying victims of a man they say is a suspected serial child predator with Charlotte ties.

Investigators say that since the early 2000s they believe Matthew John Coniglio has lived in several locations in the southeast, and that some of the victims might have no idea what happened to them because victims were drugged, raped, and photographed or videotaped during the assaults.

The videos that were found in his home are disturbing, said Shelley Lynch, Public Affairs Specialist for the FBI Charlotte Division.

Coniglio was arrested near Savanna, Ga. back in early April on charges of possession of child porn.

During a search of his Savanna home, investigators say they found more than 50,000 images and videos depicting child pornography.

They also say Coniglio himself made as many as 100 videos.

Ten days after his arrest, Coniglio hung himself in his jail cell

The FBI now is trying to find out if there are more victims out there that they have not as yet been able to identify.

Lynch says Coniglio visited his parents over the last 12 years at their home located in a neighborhood off of Quail Hollow Road.

Over the phone, his mother told me she had nothing to say.

It doesn t end with his death, said Lynch. We want to continue to move forward, to identify the victims and to get them the help they need to heal.

Anyone who thinks they might have been a victim or knows someone who is can call the FBI Victim Assistance line toll free at 1-877-236-8947.

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