CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Just released survey results show parents don't like the new CMS bell schedule.

It's been an issue for years now, and things could finally change.

We've been following this fight for years.

Two CMS moms, identical twins Sharon Thorsland and Susan Plaza, are frustrated about the changes CMS made to the bell schedule back in 2011 to save money on transportation.

The sisters took their grassroots effort and went official, joining a committee of teachers, parents and principals studying the impact of the changes that mean longer and later days for some students, much earlier days for others.

Survey results released Thursday show a clear majority of parents side with the twins. Parents hate the longer day for the little ones, don't like that some kids get out at 4:15 and aren't thrilled with some high schools starting as early as 7:15.

Thorsland says, It's something that s important to parents, students, staff that something gets changed. So I m hoping CMS will be able to find a way to get this into their budget and get it done.

It would take anywhere from $3 million to $12 million to change the schedules again but Sharon Thorsland says it's worth it.

I think it s worth it to get families, staff and children happy and healthy.

Some teachers have resigned at some of the schools where the school day changed and some parents have pulled their kids out.

We've lost a lot of great teachers, great families and I would hate to see that continue, Thorsland added.

The committee is expected to use the survey to make their recommendations to the superintendent next month.

Thursday's results were from the parent perspective. We'll know more about what teachers think next week.
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