CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A trip from Charlotte to Disney World was interrupted by a motorcycle gang.

A local woman says her windshield was broken and she has the pictures to prove it.

Shards of glass flew even into the second row seat of my car. A piece hit my nephew in the face. We were covered in glass, Christy Boyles explains.

It s how her windshield was smashed that still has Christy so shaken up. It was just a brief run-in on I-77 South in Rock Hill.

There were a bunch of motorcycles coming up on us and riding my tail. My husband has always told me, If you get around a pack like that, get over and get out of their way. They started to come over to my lane and cut me off.

But Christy says it was already too late.

He had a metal thing in his hand and he just flung it at us. Just this big, brown piece of metal with bolts and stuff on it. I just had to let us hit us because I had nowhere to go.

Christy told NBC Charlotte over the phone, a trooper said biker gangs are becoming a problem on the highways again.

Sergeant Tim Ayers, president of the South Carolina Gang Investigators Association, agrees. Since 2009 South Carolina has probably been the hotbed for the Southeast.

A double murder tied to biker gangs from back in March at the Fort Mill Armory is still unsolved. And NBC Charlotte has covered federal and local busts over the past few years that have put dozens of Hells Angels, Outlaws and other notorious gang members in handcuffs and behind bars. Many of whom lived, worked and rode the streets of Rock Hill.

There s been an increase in presence in our area, but fortunately we've been able to push their criminal activity out of the city limits, Ayers says. They re not interested in civilians on the street. Their issues are with other clubs, but if they feel like someone just wrecked or tried to wreck them, they do take offense to it and get upset about it.

Christy says aside from cuts, no one was injured but it absolutely terrified us, frightened us.

Ayers says Christy did everything right but biker gangs can be unpredictable. If you find yourself in a similar situation, try to get out of the way and don't make any gestures or comments to the bikers.

If something happens, call 911.
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