ROCK HILL, S.C. -- A York County mom is accused of leaving her two kids and a friend's child in the car at a grocery store. An employee saw the children in the car, parked outside of the Food Lion on Main Street. That woman she never would and never did put her kids in danger.

I'm scared to death they're going to try to do something to take my kids, I would lose my mind, my kids are my world, said mom of two Nickie Milem.

Milem realizes she is in hot water after leaving her kids alone inside her car during a quick trip to the store in Rock Hill. But she says, it's not as it sounds. She says the car was running with the air conditioning on and the kids were in no danger.

Absolutely not, absolutely not. I had a grown up there with them, had grown up there and there was no way the car was going to roll off, said Milem.

Milem and her sister-in-law had taken six kids including her 2 and 1 year old to the park. On the way home she needed to get ointment for her son's injured hand, so she ran in while her sister-in- law stayed outside, parked behind her car with 3 kids inside, so she says they didn't believe they did anything wrong.

No, no we had air on, the cars was running. I was back and forth between the cars, I was out there with them. I could see both cars checking on all the kids, they were all sleeping, said the sister-in-law, who didn t want her name mentioned.

But a Food Lion employee didn't agree with them and called police.

They were saying someone could have run up and stolen the car, which we didn't think about that I was back and forth between the cars looking in them and checking on them, said the sister-in-law.

After the fact, Milen says she understands the employee and officer s opinion, but she would never leave her kids in harm.

I took all kinds of precautions and I left the kids safely in the car. I left the kids safely with my sister-in-law cause that's all it is, I didn't leave the kids alone, said Milem.

Now she says she is praying DSS doesn't take her kids or her go to jail, because she will never do it again.

I definitely will not leave kids in car unless there's an adult in the car specifically with them, said Milem.

Milem was charged with cruelty to children and for one of the car seats not having proper seatbelt fastened.

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