CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A family says garbage and debris next to their home is turning their yard into a snake pit, and they ve got the pictures to prove it.

That's all seven snakes, said homeowner Kiesha Leak while showing a picture of the snakes.

Leak says she found all of the snakes on the same day at the same time last week. Leak's 5-year-old daughter Jamiya also found one in the backyard while eating popsicles with her brother.

This big, Jamiya said while extending her arms about a foot.

The Leaks live next to a wooded lot on Thompson Brook Lane. They figured that meant the occasional snake, especially in the summer. Snakes are common in North Carolina, but only six are poisonous, according to the state.

It didn't start happening like that until I think some things have been tampered with, put inside the woods.

Leak says garbage and debris dumping on that lot has been an ongoing problem.

They dragged a chair, dumped wood, what looked to be cabinet pieces, she said.

There s also quite a bit of trash, including food wrappers.

Leak thinks the dumping and rummaging through the woods is driving the snakes into her yard.

We showed these snake pictures to a local snake removal company. They say some are brown snakes, not poisonous and common. Plus, you will find snakes where you find mice and rats.

Mice and rats like garbage, so it could be one reason for the snakes.

The Leak family likes sitting around a table and enjoying the sunshine. Going inside means stepping on part of the garden where she found the snakes. She says she didn t realize it was a snake pit until she pulled up one of the plants.

Her yard is now filled with moth balls as a snake barrier.

Leak says code enforcement is asking the lot owner remove the garbage and hopefully that combination keeps the snakes away.
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