CHARLOTTE, N.C.-- It's hard to forget the video. A Charlotte-Mecklenburg student and her father brawling with a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer Friday night at the East Meck-Butler basketball game.

The student was angry because she was told to sit on her school's side of the gym, and not visit the opposing side, even though she says she had permission to do so.

On Monday, parents and students attending the CMS mid-term graduation ceremonies at Bojangles Coliseum talked about the incident and whether security changes in the district will affect any further situations like the basketball melee.

I think you can have as much security as you want in the world, but if people don't know how to behave themselves then you're defeating the purpose when you just throw more security at it, said CMS parent Joan Snyder, whose son Ryan graduated Monday night.

CMS is facing massive budget cuts and along with teacher cuts and school closings.

It's expected that the district's security associates will face downsizing too.

One estimate says security associates will go from 119 associates to 87, a 32 person cut.

CMS Law Enforcement Chief Bud Cesena says those numbers are still being discussed.

But the knowledge that there will likely be cuts and the growing concern about safety has parents and students talking.

Students at the graduation ceremony say they want the next generation of students to feel safe in their schools.

They're concerned about the proposed cuts to security.

It's very important. My mom sends me to school to learn and wants to make sure I'm safe. So, if she's putting me in the care of someone else, they should be sure they're taking care of me, said student LaShawna Reed, An East Mecklenburg High School senior who hopes to be a registered nurse someday.

She says her principal addressed East Meck students Monday and told them he was proud that they didn't engage in the fight.

The student who did fight was a former East Mecklenburg High School student who now attends Butler High and plays on the women's basketball team.

Even though the cuts are likely, Cesena says he's confident the school system can still provide a safe haven for children.

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