CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The chairman of the Republican National Committee calls North Carolina ground zero in the fight for the White House.

Reince Priebus spent Tuesday in Charlotte rallying local Republicans. In an interview with NewsChannel 36, Priebus said, North Carolina is the state for the Republican Party.

In 2008, for the first time since Jimmy Carter, North Carolina elected a Democratic president. Priebus said the party is committed to make it a red state again.

In September, Charlotte will host the Democratic National Convention. Priebus referred to President Obama as all words and no action and said, I think people here in North Carolina are going to see a side to the Democratic Party that they don t like too much.

Priebus referred to Obama as the teleprompter President. When asked if Mitt Romney uses a teleprompter, Priebus responded, I don t know if he does or not. I don t think he does.

While some Republicans have expressed reservations about Mitt Romney as their nominee, Priebus said he believes Romney is the very best candidate the party could put forward.

I think the best, because I think what this country is looking for is someone that s willing to work with a pure heart, make a difference for this country. I think we re tired of plastic. I think we re tired of show ponies in this country, people who talk one thing and do another, said Priebus.

Priebus said the RNC had also considered holding its convention in the Queen City.

We looked at Charlotte as well and it just worked out that Tampa had been working for many, many, many years to get the Republican Party over to Tampa, he said.

Republican leaders in North Carolina have been quick to criticize Democratic leaders for not divulging how much they have raised to bring the convention to Charlotte. During Tuesday's interview, Priebus was equally quiet about fundraising for the Republican National Convention in Tampa. They re right on track. We re not behind and I think we re right on track.

While Priebus said he doesn t wish North Carolina Democrats too much success this fall, he added, I think it s an honor to have a convention and it s a really good opportunity to feature Charlotte to the rest of the world.

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