RALEIGH, N.C. -- Mecklenburg County Judge Bill Belk returns to Raleigh on Wednesday to defend his seat on the bench, and he'll apparently be doing it on his own.

Belk is accused of "willful misconduct" for allegedly making disparaging remarks to Mecklenburg County's chief judge. In addition, the Judicial Standards Commission believes Belk has a conflict by serving on the board of Sonic Automotive.

"They tried to portray me as someone that had conflicts. They tried to portray me as someone that would be scary. That, to me, is the opposite of who I really am," Belk said.

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Meanwhile, Belk's attorney has quit the case, claiming he wasn't paid travel expenses.

Belk's response: "I paid my case in full. In fact, I've already paid twice as much to my attorney as we originally agreed. I have never received an invoice regarding his travel expenses. A lawyer should never do this to a client."

Belk says he will represent himself Wednesday before the Judicial Standards Commission.

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