CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A former Scoutmaster who admitted this week to molesting numerous Boy Scouts in the Fayetteville area nearly four decades ago worked for several years in the preschool center at Charlotte s Selwyn Avenue Presbyterian Church, the senior minister there said Friday.

The Rev. Rush Otey said Joseph Menghi Jr., 69, who now lives in Monroe, was employed for about eight years at Selwyn Avenue Presbyterian s Child Development Center.

Otey said there were never any reports of problems with Menghi, who told the Associated Press this week that he molested Scouts in the 1970s while leading Troop 786.

At no time during Mr. Menghi s employment were there hints, suspicions, observations, or allegations of any inappropriate conduct related to sexual abuse, molestation, or neglect duties, Otey said.

He said Menghi left the center in March 2011, along with several other employees, when their positions were eliminated so an assistant director s position could be created.

Kim Morgan s son attended the church daycare when Menghi worked there and is angry about the scout cover up.

I just can t imagine that they would let this pass knowing there could be situations like this one where Tom was around children on a daily basis. I mean it makes no sense at all, she said.

Click here to read the statement from Selwyn Avenue Presbyterian Church in its entirety.

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