CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The former Goodwill employee charged with the arson of a South Charlotte Goodwill entered guilty pleas on two charges in court on Tuesday.

Brittany Williams plead guilty to two of the three charges against her from the February 2012 fire at the business: arson and one count of an unregistered firearm, in this case, a Molotov cocktail.

The store, located in the 6600 block of South Boulevard, suffered $500,000 worth of damages, and reopened its doors for business in late September.

(Click here to see Goodwill fire photos)

Williams' co-conspirators, Harry Brown and Terrance Chandler, both plead guilty to the same charges in court in late February. All three are awaiting sentencing.

Williams, a former employee of the store, was extremely angry with the victim business because of being fired just the day before the arson, according to the initial search warrant of her home.

In that search warrant, obtained by NBCCharlotte last March, it stated a 1996 blue Ford Crown Victoria belonging to a female employee fired from the store the day before the fire is on surveillance tape at a parking lot next to the Goodwill store moments before the fire broke out.

Police said the tape also shows someone using a car jack to break a glass door, then pouring a flammable liquid throughout the store before using a wood stick match to light the fire.

Investigators in March said the suspect dropped several matches while running away.

According to the warrant, police searched the woman s car at a home and found matches similar to the ones found at the fire. They also found parts of a car jack.

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