SALISBURY, N.C. -- Investigators working the ongoing Erica Parsons missing person case offered strong accusations and a lot of reward money Thursday hoping it will provide new clues that lead to the Rowan County teen.

The FBI announced it is offering up to a $25,000 reward for information leading to the location or return of Erica. The Rowan County Sheriff's Office previously announced a $10,000 dollar reward, which now brings the total to $35,000.

It is clear Casey and Sandy Parsons have not been truthful with the information that would lead us to the whereabouts to find Erica. We know there is someone out there who can help us though. Now is the time to come forward, Rowan County Sheriff Kevin Auten said during an afternoon news conference. Investigators did not answer questions from reporters.

The nearly two-year time gap from when Erica was last seen at home until she was reported missing poses several road blocks that have been hard to overcome, investigators said.

Hundreds of tips, multiple interviews, property searches and evidence seizures have not produced Erica, who is considered a missing person.

Investigators are upping the reward money hope cash equals tips.

Erica's adoptive parents Casey and Sandy Parsons say in late 2011, Erica went to live with a woman named Nan, who they thought was Erica's biological grandmother, and someone they met in person a couple of times.

We know Erica did not go to live with Irene Goodman, which has previously been reported. I can tell you Nan just doesn't exist, said FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Deron Roberts.

The Parsons say they're not lying. Instead, they are telling investigators what Nan told them - and if anyone is lying it's her.

Investigators hope anyone who came in contact with the Parsons around that timeframe could be they key to solving Erica's disappearance.

It could be family. It could be medical providers, local store employees. Any sighting of Erica or any action with the Parsons family in November, 2011 could provide the clues we need to locate her, Auten said.

This is Casey Parsons' response to the FBI announcing an increase in the reward money:

I think this is excellent. I am very excited to hear this. You have made my day with this announcement, thanks.

No one has been charged in Erica's disappearance.

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