CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- At the Liberty East Restaurant a question still hangs in the air regarding the last time Janet Simpson stopped in for breakfast.

What happened to her? What happened? wonders Tom Hutchins, who was bringing his wife into the Independence Boulevard restaurant for lunch.

A missing person flier with Simpson s picture on it still hangs on the front door of the restaurant.

Simpson had breakfast there back in early December. Those who saw her said she did not act as if anything was bothering her. They say she ate and left alone.

But the last time anyone saw her was when she pulled her SUV out of the parking lot. Her SUV turned up some days later on a rural road in Belmont, near the Catawba River.

And it is in that river that a body was found Wednesday morning. Police say the body was dressed in clothing that matched the description of the clothes Simpson was wearing on the day she left the Liberty East.

Wednesday afternoon, restaurant customers wondered if their questions were now going to be answered.

Was it someone that followed her from here or was it someone hiding in her car -- she possibly didn't lock it while she was here? Winnie Elliott wondered.

Police have not made a formal identification yet of the body but have informed Simpson's family that a body had been found in the river.

You wonder what did happen to her, said customer Troy Speas as he walked out of Liberty East.

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