IRON STATION, N.C. There are questions about children's safety at a Lincoln County school after chicken manure was spread on the grounds of the school that is set to open is just a matter of weeks.

Chicken manure was spread on the track and field at East Lincoln Middle School in Iron Station as a fertilizer.

Fences and signs have been put up around the track to keep children out. There are concerns the kids could get sick from being exposed to fecal coliform bacteria.

Crews spread lime and sand over the property to neutralize the manure.

We limed up the fields and restricted access, said Randy Putnam, Lincoln county Maintenance Director. So far there are not any other instructions that they have given us.

The State Division of Water Quality raised concerns about the chicken manure and the fences and warning signs went up.

The principal tells us parents shouldn't worry.

Every staff member, myself and district leaders will make sure this campus and the children are safe, said Principal Melanie Huss.

The health director of Lincoln County said late Tuesday she didn't think the manure would harm the children. But the school is keeping kids off the fields for 30 days, just to be safe.

Students begin class Aug. 25.

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