GASTONIA, N.C. -- All 215 school buses in the Gaston County School District are getting new high-tech digital cameras.

You can see pretty much the whole bus from that camera, said Miles Braswell, the Project Manager for Gaston Schools.

To make sure nothing is missed, there will be one camera in the front of each bus and a second one in the back. Both are also equipped to record audio as well as video.

The district was the first in the state to use cameras, but that was five years ago, and the old cameras are now obsolete. Often the pictures from the old cameras are fuzzy or soft.

Especially in low light conditions because our other cameras didn't have infra-red technology, Braswell said.

Braswell took the tiny S.D. card from the DVR on the bus and popped it into a computer in his office. He could immediately see everything that happened on the bus from two different views.

Because of a GPS included in the system, Braswell could also track everywhere the bus went and everything the driver did along the route, including when he reached a specific spot, when he activated the warning lights and when he opened the door.

Once they make their route, then we can go back and see the route that they have taken and the streets, said Braswell.

It is costing about $250,000 to install the cameras, but Braswell said it will be worth it.

For the safety of the kids, yes, it is worth it, he said.

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