CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- I m slammed trying to finish a story I m working on for today s early evening newscasts, so this will have to be short. I seem to have found a smorgasbord of deals for magazines and dog food!

Music fans, you can get an absolutely free subscription to SPIN magazine. This is sponsored by the music festival Lollapalooza. The good part about this deal is there s no automatic renewal or credit card required.

Here s a deal where you get Parents and Child Magazine for $2.99 with the code CHILD.

Here s a Just 6 ingredient dog food sample. This product has no corn, wheat, soy or artificial ingredients.

Meantime, Purina is also offering up free pet food here. You ll also get a free issue of their magazine.

Fiber Choice continues their offer for free samples of their fiber tablets. In addition, you can get a coupon for $2 off their full sized product.

Don t forget, these offers are subject to change at any time, so do act quickly. Read all your fine print, and enjoy!

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