CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- From magazine stands to Entertainment Tonight -- Hunger Games fever is getting crazy -- and the movie hasn't even come out yet.

Thousands of people from our area were part of the production and have been tightlipped -- until now.

Devon Beale, 22, moved from Philly to Charlotte two years ago with big plans to study architecture.

Hollywood wasn t on my radar, he says. More like trying to become Frank Loyd Wright.

But last summer the sometime model tried out to be an extra in the Hunger Games.

My life just changed, opportunities came out the wazzoo!

He was picked to be someone who lives in the capitol. Fans of the futuristic book know people who live there have a distinct look.

It s not something you would normally see on the street -- fashion 35 years from now. They transformed me, they put a look on me that I couldn t imagine.

Beale says over two months last summer he got paid about $1,200 to work on set about 30 days.

Most of the work was at the Phillip Morris plant where they built soundstages.

And because of the secrecy surrounding the making of the movie, he had to keep everything hush hush.

My friends wanted to know, but of course I couldn t tell them!

He says the stars were great -- easy to be around...and he s excited for opening night.
I want to see what I look like in the movie, how cool that is.

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