CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Be ready for a pat-down and a wanding, Panthers fans.

This season, the NFL is making teams put new security measures in place. Some fans will be patted down. Others will be checked out with a hand-held metal detector. Because of this, the Carolina Panthers areasking fans to arrive 15 to 20 minutes earlier than usual for Thursday night's game (as well as any others).

So we're curious: What takes longer, a trip through the Panthers security line, or a trip through the security line at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport?

If you're catching the game, or a flight, we'd love it if you told us:

  • How long it took you to get through security
  • When and where you went through (which stadium gate, or which TSA checkpoint)
  • What the line looked like. Better yet, send a picture.

You can send us your responses via Twitter (@wcnc), or via email: ( We'll use your responses to demonstrate how much patience you need to bring, and we'll bring you some of those responses tonight on NewsChannel 36 and right here on

Good luck, and happy waiting.

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