CLOVER, S.C. -- Volunteers in Clover came together to hold a yard sale to raise money for John Ramsey.

Ramsey, a 79-year-old Korean Veteran, is facing jail time for a mountain of items that litter his yard. He was hit with a $500 fine that he can t afford to pay.

Saturday neighbors stepped in to help the local veteran avoid 30 days in jail. They held a yard sale to raise money. They were selling everything from clothes, jewelry, house wares and games.

Organizers say hosting the yard sale is the right thing to do.

If we're not going to support our troops now, past, present... what's this country come to, asked David Bowles. The guy's worked really hard to clean his yard up, and in fact is trying to build a fence on his own. But again, almost 80 years old, you can only do so much in a day , added Bowles.

No word yet on how much money was raised, but organizers told WCNC earlier on Saturday they were close to reaching the $500 mark.

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