CHARLOTTE, N.C.-- Nearly 200 people showed up Saturday afternoon to remember two toddlers killed in a house fire last weekend.

Two-year-old Josiah and one-year-old Gabriel Hawthorne were laid to rest at the Chappell Memorial Baptist church Saturday.

Before the funeral, family of the children sat quietly wiping away tears and giving each other support.

In the front of the sanctuary two small blue coffins were surrounded by flowers with a picture of the boys on top of each one.

Members of the Charlotte Fire Departemnt came to the service to pay their respects, along with people from the daycare center where the two boys attended.

Josiah, known of by family as Jo-Jo, and Gabriel, died when their house accidentally caught on fire last week.

A neighbor who heard screams from the house managed to rescue the boys' seven-year-old sister and four-year-old brother, but could not save the two younger boys.

The kids mother, Orgal Opata, is still in jail, facing murder charges for leaving the children home alone.

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