CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- In the course of the next week, the city will get a better idea if Charlotte will lose control of its airport to a regional authority.

The state Senate quickly passed the bill for a regional authority, now it's the House's turn to make a decision. Speaker of the House, Thom Tillis, stopped by the NBC Charlotte studio Saturday afternoon and discussed his thoughts on the bill.

As Mecklenburg County resident, he knows many people see it as a Raleigh power grab. He told NBC Charlotte that's why the authority would need to be completely regional.

If we move to an airport authority, the people who could be on that board would have to be from this region. There's no I as a speaker , or the governor should be able to appoint someone from some other parts of the state, said Speaker Tillis.

Tillis also spoke about the other big local issue in Raleigh s hands the upgrades to Bank of America Stadium.

He told NBC Charlotte those tax increases for upgrades are not going to happen.

The issue is with more revenue and increasing the tax is that my members, and I think I speak for members in the Senate, are really not open to any new revenues that are not subject to a vote of the people, he said.

Currently, lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow the city to use money earmarked for the Convention Center to upgrade the stadium.

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