CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The North Carolina Attorney General s office is warning people about strange text messages being sent, possibly to your phone.

Roy Cooper s office says, If you get a strange looking text message from an email address or phone number you don t recognize, it s best not to respond.

The Attorney General s office says that over the past few days, half a dozen consumers have reported getting texts that list a phone number and say that a credit or debit card has been blocked.People who call the number in the text are asked to provide personal information such as their bank account or Social Security number.

Cooper s office says if you get one of these texts, know the following:

  • Don t respond.Responding only confirms that your phone number is valid, making it likely that you ll get more unsolicited texts.
  • Remember, scammers may communicate by text message but your real bank or credit card company isn t likely to contact you this way if there s a legitimate problem with your account.
  • Never agree to provide personal financial information like your bank account number or SSN to someone who contacts you, no matter who they claim to be or why they say they need it.

To file a complaint with our Consumer Protection Division, visit or call 1-877-5-NO-SCAM.
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