LINCOLNTON, N.C. -- Two Lincoln County men are accused of stealing unlicensed trucks then selling them for scrap metal.

May 16, the owner of two recently-purchased trucks filed a report with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office that the trucks had been stolen. Deputies say the owner stated the trucks with refrigerated box beds did not run, and the titles had not yet been transferred. Additionally, a dual axle trailer with Virginia plates was stolen.

A contractor remodeling the home told the owner that two white males came by the residence driving a red truck inquiring if the trucks were for sale. Four or five days earlier, a neighbor told deputies she saw the same truck, and stated it had Van Diver Towing written on the side.

The next day, two men wearing mechanic shirts were spotted pumping up the tires on the trucks. They were reportedly driving a white truck with an air compressor on the back. Then, officials say the two men returned in a red pickup with Vandiver Towing on the side.

A Lincoln County Sheriff's Detective was familiar with Vandiver Towing and went looking for a possible suspect. The investigation led detectives to the Southern Scrap Company in Charlotte, where authorities learned the stolen trucks had already been crushed.

The suspects, 23-year-old Thomas Adam Vandiver and 25-year-old Terry Eugene Russell are charged with one felony count each of larceny, receiving or transferring stolen vehicles and possession of stolen goods.

The stolen trailer was recovered at Vandiver's residence in the 800 block of Alexis High Shoals Road in Dallas.

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