ROCK HILL, S.C. -- Police are searching for the mother of a baby left at a Rock Hill hospital last week. They're trying to determine if she'll face criminal charges.

We had a mother who came in, said she could no longer care for her baby, so she left it with the security guard, said Hospital Spokesman Amy Faulkenberry.

A mother anonymously turned over her baby at Rock Hill's Piedmont Medical Center.

The baby was taken to the ER, we ran all of our tests, and called DSS, she added.

The baby is healthy and in good shape, but now police are trying to find the mom.

That s rather difficult because we have no information, Rock Hill Police spokesman Mark Bollinger said.

It's a complicated case because South Carolina's so-called safe haven law says babies can be anonymously abandoned at a hospital, church, police or fire department as long as the baby is less than a month old.

Baby Boy Doe, as they've named him, appears to be 6 to 8-weeks-old.

That s going to complicate things whether Daniel s law was in effect, Bollinger said, We don t want to scare other families away in the future from turning their child in to a safe haven location.

He says even if they can find mom, they're not sure she'd face abandonment charges.

It s just a sad story all the way around. It is, my understanding the child is healthy and doing well so that s the good part.

Police are talking with the solicitor s office about whether they would want to pursue charges if the mother is found.

The baby is in foster care.

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