CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Who will control Charlotte Douglas airport remains up in the air, but in the meantime, the city manager and the new man in charge at the airport want everyone to know it's business as usual.

It looks and feels just as it did yesterday and that s exactly what the new interim director at the airport, Brent Cagle, wants commuters to know.

Our priority is to focus no disruptions, business as usual at Charlotte, he said.

The former finance guy who started at Charlotte Douglas a year and a half ago has replaced his former boss, Jerry Orr, who was at the helm for more than 40 years.

That's the fallout after the legal wrangling that saw Orr out as the director and the city fighting to keep control of one of the world s busiest airports.

I would love to be in a less political environment. I do not think this is a matter that the general assembly needed to address but it has -- so we're dealing with it, said city manager Ron Carlee.

Dealing with it means the city manager spent the day talking with US Airways, and Cagle spent the day talking to 400 employees.

Cagle said, The main message for employees is to focus on maintaining operations at the airport.

The message to travelers, and to businesses who count on the airport: all is running smoothly. It s a message the Chamber of Commerce is paying close attention to.

Natalie English is the lobbyist for the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce and said,

What matters in the management of the airport is how its managed, not necessarily who is managing it from a business perspective as long as it continues to be managed as effectively and efficiently as it had been in the past.

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