CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A push to make Charlotte greener!

City leaders want us to be the greenest cities in the world. The latest effort surround electric cars.

There are many ways to get around uptown charlotte, but a non-profit aimed at making the Queen City more environmentally friendly is working on getting more EV's - electric cars - in the mix.

Amy Aussieker is the executive director of Envision Charlotte.

We re looking at launching a big EV program to get people to buy more EV cars. What better way to figure it out then to drive one? It s just like a regular car but there is this thing called range anxiety, which I ve experienced, because they go 100 miles before they need a charge. I got a little nervous but you plug it in at night, you re ready to go the next day, she said.

There are also 50 charging stations city wide.

The thing is, most people don't know too much about them, so EV's can be a tough sell.

Aussieker said, One of the things is educating the public. People have no idea about these cars. People don t realize this takes no gas.

About 400 people in Mecklenburg drive them right now. The goal is 1,600.

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