UNION COUNTY, N.C. Monday night County Commissioners approved nearly $3 million dollars to the Union County Board of Education to purchase 49 mobile classrooms.

The Board of Education has been evaluating options to ease overcrowding in some Union County schools to the dismay of parents and students.

The Board of County Commissioners has heard from parents and the business community on the redistricting issue, and the addition of mobile classrooms provides a short-term solution to the Board or Education to allow them time to develop a long-term solution for school growth, said Vice Chairman Jerry Simpson.

The announcement comes a day before the Board of Education is scheduled to meet, during that meeting members were bracing to hear from outraged parents protesting the County s redistricting plan.

The redistricting issue is tearing communities apart, and the proposal to provide funds for mobile classrooms is intended to keep communities and neighbors together while still protecting the taxpayers of Union County, continued Simpson.

According to a press release from Union County, the funds to pay for the mobile classrooms and operating costs will be obtained from debt service savings generated by the county s refinancing of debt and from unassigned county fund balance.

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