CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- If you are flying this summer to a vacation destination, you need to be aware of what you can and can t take on board the airplane.

The list always seems to be changing, can I bring toe clippers? Or do they need to be packed? What about the hair gel or the razors? Passengers are forever dumping things out or just leaving them behind at the gate because they didn t pack them in their checked baggage.

Here is a list of things the TSA wants you to pack, in other words, if you put it in your carryon bags, you ll be leaving it with them.

Going to the beach? Better pack the boogie board underneath because it s one of many things you can t carry on. Same with a lot of sporting goods, things like fishing hooks, scuba diving knives, although, I think that one is pretty obvious.

Long boards, surf boards, surf paddles of all kinds including canoe and kayak paddles have to be checked. Games like lawn darts and even bowling pins all cannot be in your carryon, they, too, have to be checked.

The entire list can be found here.

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