CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The former principal at Charlotte Catholic High is admitting for the first time that he did take money from a scholarship fund.

It was a fund set-up in memory of his own daughter.

Jerry Healy resigned from his job at the school back in May following allegations of financial improprieties, and until today, has never said anything about the investigation or the allegations.

Healy s attorney, Robert McDonnell, released a three-page statement in which McDonnell says Healy admits taking an unspecified amount of money from the scholarship program that was set-up in memory of his daughter, Megan, who died in February of 1996.

Healy says he would personally distribute any extra money from the scholarship fund to students, staff or even parents who needed assistance because of financial difficulties.

And, McDonnell said in the statement, Healy took money, too.

Mr. Healy received assistance as well. He informed staff that he had received benefits. He recognizes he could have better handled the matter, the statement from McDonnell says.

The statement says the school s Foundation had no procedures or requirements for how the money was to be distributed by Healy.

Mr. Healy deeply regrets that he did not handle this in a more transparent and objective way, said McDonnell s statement.

The statement goes on to say the school s Foundation told Healy he would be liable for taxes on the money he took.

McDonnell called that, offensive.

He has accepted his culpability and resigned from a job that he loved, McDonnell s statement read.

A spokesperson for the Diocese of Charlotte said the resignation was a personnel matter and that in the eyes of the Diocese, the matter is now closed.

McDonnell said he and Healy would not have any further comment.

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