CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The family of a Lexington man who was shot in Charlotte by a random bullet July 4th asked the public s for help Tuesday.

Brandon Yam, 47, was at a Buddhist festival off North Tryon Street. He was hit by a stray bullet and partially paralyzed. Police say it appears to have been a celebratory gunshot, according to the Associated Press.

I'm just angry that nobody knows, said Chenda Wilson, Yam s sister.

A flash of chance put Yam in the hospital. His sister Chenda rushed from Atlanta after hearing of the shooting. Yam, a father of four, was celebrating the opening of a Buddhist temple on Owen Boulevard when the bullet came from the sky.

He can't move his leg. He can move his arm but his right leg, he can just wiggle his toes and that's it. He can move both his arms but he cannot control it, said Wilson.

Yam can't remember where he is either. The bullet remains lodged in his head and doctors may leave it there if no further complications arise.

Just pray to God. Some people that you know, [if you] know anything, help us, said Sopheap Kim, Yam s wife.

With little information about where the bullet came from, the family pleads for the public's help.

I just pray that he can pick up his son and hold his son, said Wilson.

Yam's family lives in Georgia and they hope he'll be able to transfer to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta.
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