ROCKHILL, S.C. Winthrop University Police cited an athlete for having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle.

The incident happened Sunday according to a police report obtained by NBC Charlotte. The report states an officer witnessed a black Altima running a stop sign and then driving left of center.

According to the report, Joab Jerome, 21, was driving the vehicle and smelled of alcohol. Reportedly 21-year-old Brandon Vega was also inside the vehicle. Vega a junior who plays basketball for the Winthrop Eagles had a red solo cup between (his) feet in the passenger floor board.

The report goes on to state Vega advised the officer he had Ciroc liquor in the cup.

The driver was able to pass a field sobriety test and received a written warning for running the stop sign.

Vega was cited for having an open container of liquor.

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