Snickers or Twix Ice Cream: Smart phone users, you can get a free Snickers ice cream bar when you download the 7-eleven app and you can get a free ice cream bar through July 9th! Make sure to redeem when you re in store since there is a time expiration date. Check for links to download (or the iTunes store, you Apple users, you!)

Ben & Jerry s Ice Cream: On your birthday, you can get a free scoop from B&J scoop shops, along with deals for ice cream on your half-birthday ! Check out the deals you can get when you sign up for their newsletter.

Lysol Touch Of Foam Soap: This sample is back for a limited time at Target s sample site. These deals are usually super easy to redeem, because they re sent to you directly in the mail.

Mini Cinnamon Bun: Same as the B&J deal above, Cinnabon has an offer where you can get a free mini cinnamon bun when you sign. You ll also get other deals, periodically as well.

PrarieFire Coffee: 1 free sample per household is available at this website.

As with all of Dion s Daily Deals, you do have to act quickly, and understand supplies are available only while they last. Have fun and see you on TV! Dion

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