CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- After eight days of testimony, prosecutors wrapped up their case against Justin Hurd who is charged with three counts of murder that could result in the death penalty if he is convicted.

Prosecutors concluded their evidence with two DNA analysts from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department who testified that DNA sample linked Hurd to both the crime scenes where the bodies were found.

Inside a burning home on Patricia Ryan drive in North Charlotte, investigators found the bodies of Kenshasa Wagstaff and Kevin Young back in February of 2008.

DNA Analyst Aby Moeykens testified about the results of a test she conducted on the DNA found on a plastic water bottle inside the house.

I obtained a DNA profile that matched the DNA profile obtained from the buckle sample from Justin Hurd, she said.

The second crime scene was in Huntersville where the body of Wagstaff's niece, Jasmine Hines was found lying in a ditch next to a white Toyota. She had been shot twice and doused in gasoline.

DNA Analyst Sheree Enfinger told the jury about a test she conducted on DNA found on the steering wheel of the car.

The major DNA profile that came from the steering wheel matched the DNA profile that came from the buckle swab from Justin Hurd.

Hurd's lawyer, Alan Bowman questioned the analysts who admitted there was no way to tell how long the DNA had been on the evidence items, and both said they could not say for certain if the DNA had been transferred to those items instead of being placed directly there.

The jury was sent home after the prosecution completed its case.

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