CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Science class can be tough for some students, especially when you're trying to just get information from a book.

But make the lesson hands on, and it's a whole different story.

Take one cup acid rain.

Mix in one cup of oil.

Add in a mad scientist, AKA a teacher from the Discovery Place, and a room full of students and you've got a real recipe for... learning.

The Eastway Middle science club spent Wednesday figuring out - hands on - the impacts of pollution and how to deal with them.

Eighth grader Yolany Valladares is really into it, but wasn't always.

Yeah, I wasn t interested in science at all.

Now though, she's even considering making it her career.

It taught me that you can have fun with science, she says. I ve always liked science but some of the topics were pretty difficult to understand.

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