CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NewsChannel 36 uncovers an arrest warrant targeting a rising star in the Republican Party, from right here in Charlotte.

The Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Department says Lenny McAllister, who you might have seen on national cable news, is near the top of the county's list of deadbeat parents.

You can find video of him on YouTube and on his own website regularly making speeches at Tea Party events.

The children of America are in crisis, he says during one.

Walking the talk for all of us starts with uplifting our children, he says during another.

Lenny McAllisterhas been called a rising star in the Republican Party, and just got a gig hosting a Chicago radio show. His speeches often focus on family values and making the world a better place for the children.

The children of America are in crisis, he has said.

But we've learned the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Department is looking for McAllisterand has an arrest warrant for the Davidson grad.

They even have him prominently featured on their website, under deadbeat parents, saying he owes more than $37,000 in child support for his two oldest kids, who live in Pennsylvania.

We spoke to McAllister by phone after he taped an appearance on BET.

It's surprising because I just had a phone conference about the child support, about getting the arrears down, setting things straight. They know that my employment situation has been in upheaval since 2007.

McAllister says he's been in a custody battle with his ex-wife for a decade but admits he hasn't paid all the court mandated child support since losing his high paying job three years ago.

Yes it s been drastically reduced. That's why I ve been going through the courts to get the arrears amount adjusted.

Now remarried with a new baby, McAllister says he thought the courts were adjusting what he owed.

He estimates he's been paying $200 a month. He was originally paying $3,000 a month.

This is what fathers go through, especially in this recession.

McAllister still lives in Davidson, although he travels a lot.

We talked to the sheriff's office and they say they've tried to serve the arrest warrant several times.

The sheriff's department also says McAllister did not appear at his last court date and that's why the judge issued the warrant.

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