CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Waka Flocka Flame s people spent Friday trying to distance the rapper from a Wednesday shootout in east Charlotte.

Is he a gang member and is that the source of these problems? No, not at all I think it s sad that society automatically links a rapper to some gang affiliation, said Kali Bowyer, who handles public relations for Flame.

Last night a car chase that ended on Woodvale almost netted two suspects who were allegedly involved in the shootout at the Car Stereo Warehouse on Independence Boulevard.

Police find it interesting that the chase ended almost next door to the 20-year-old man who was shot in the shoulder during the altercation.

Were you surprised when this happened to you? NewsChannel 36 asked the man during an interview on Thursday.

Of course, we don t wake up in the morning like we re going to get shot today so yeah it s surprising, he said.

The victim talked to NewsChannel 36 on the condition that we not identify him. He s hired a lawyer and they are looking into potential action against Waka s bodyguards.

There is a question as to whether this was self-defense. Video from the 14 surveillance cameras at the store could resolve the question. There are pictures both inside and outside. Waka s people say those pictures will show they were attacked.

We asked if the incident scared Waka.

No not at all, he's protected, he didn t think it had anything to do with him whatsoever, Bowyer said. I think whoever you are whether you re a big tough rapper or Britney Spears and shots ring out its going to frighten you to some degree.

Police spent the day Friday processing the car and collecting evidence. The white Dodge Charger was not reported stolen so investigators have talked to the owner. They continue to search for the suspects who fled after Thursday night s chase.

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