Good Thursday Everybody,

Do you get caffeine withdrawal? Over the weekend when I was in Charleston, I drank tea and sweet tea at every single meal. When I came back, for aboutthree days my head was POUNDING. Finally last night, after a good hour at the gym and a good night s rest, the headache went away.

For other aches and pains like muscle pain, or arthritis, check out this deal from Tylenol. This is a link to their Keep Moving campaign, where you can get a free kit including a pedometer! Pedometers are great and calculate how many steps you take in your day.

Speaking of caffeinated beverages, check out the Facebook fan page for Coca-Cola. You can get yourself a free bottle of coke with a special coupon. The coupon is for 99-cents off a single bottle, and you can usually get them for 99-cents to about $1.29. Either way, it s cheap or near free! *TIP* If they run out of coupons, they re refreshing the supply on Monday, so keep checking back on this one.

To go with that Coke (I know, so nutritious... but I can t control where the freebies are. If there were free bananas, I d let you know.) How about some hash browns at Waffle House?

Lastly, here s the healthy product from SoyJoy. They re giving away SoyJoy bars at their Facebook page. These bars are made from soy (obviously Dion, obviously) and surprisingly taste pretty good. They ve improved their formula in recent years... I used to eat them five years ago when they were like long dry bricks.

Time to get cracking on other another story I m working on for tonight about vacation pictures online being deceiving... it s pretty scary how beautiful something can appear online... and what it really looks like in person!

See you all on TV at 4 p.m. and 5:30 your support means so much.

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