CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Parents of the men charged in connection with a shooting involving Waka Flocka Flame say they want charges filed against the rapper's security guards.

Six men were arrested for allegedly trying to rob the rapper of his jewelry, which ended in a shootout in the parking lot of Car Stereo Warehouse on East Independence Boulevard.

Shots were fired by both sides and the families of the men charged in the shooting are asking why no one from Waka Flocka Flame's security team was charged.

Antonio Stukes was shot in the shoulder during the exchange of gunfire at the Car Stereo Warehouse. He was one of six suspects arrested for allegedly trying to rob rap star Waka Flocka Flame.

Just don't listen to one side of the story because there is always another side, said Stukes' mother, Antoinette.

On Saturday, Stukes and the mothers of the other suspects are planning to hold a rally of sorts.

So us parents are trying to get together so they can hear our cry and release our kids, Stukes said.

The parents believe their children were arrested because they don't have money or fame, unlike Waka Flocka Flame's security. None of the bodyguards were arrested.

I don't understand why they are not locked up or being questioned for shooting at people, Stukes said.

There is surveillance tape of the shootout, which could resolve the question of who shot first. The police have seen the video and so have the employees at the store, but the store won't release the video. The manager says he's been offered $5,000 for the video and turned it down.

The rally will be held in the same neighborhood where a police chase ended involving two of the suspects.

Hoping they will release our kids and hoping they will do justice as they should, Stukes said.

Stukes is not sure how many people will attend Saturday's event but she is hoping 30 to 40 show up.

NewsChannel 36 spoke with the rapper's publicist after the shooting. She says the security team followed protocol and the security cameras from the audio store back up the team's story.

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