CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- As the cold weather sets in, you can quench your dry skin for free, with a WalMart freebie of Dial Nutriskin.

These deals are easy and require just your name and address, but can take up to 8 weeks to arrive in the mail. (I will tell you from personal experience, it almost NEVER takes 6-8 weeks like the fine print indicates. More often than not, it takes only about 2 or 3 weeks for freebies to arrive.)

For the chapped lips there s a rebate for Caramex lip balm you do have to buy it at CVS.

If you ve got a Krueg brewer, Fill out the form to request your FREE Barista Prima Coffehouse K-Cup coffee sample.

Here s a unique magazine deal -- one free issue of Better Homes and Gardens PLUS a free cookie cookbook! I just filled out the deal myself and there is no credit card needed just enjoy your free magazine and cookbook, in time for the baking season.

Cat lovers: there is a new coupon for Purina treats at for $1 off Purina Whisker Lickin Cat Treats. These are about 99-cents, making them free!

Thanks to everyone over the weekend who stopped to say thanks for the deals. I love them too, and they couldn t continue without your support.

Let me know if you ve gotten a good deal, or send me photos of your freebie swag I ll feature some of them on Facebook and on the air! Cheers! Dion

PS: Did you get your free glasses lens cleaner with free refills at WalMart yet?

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