CLOVER, S.C. In a press conference Thursday to discuss recent hazing allegations by Clover High School football players, authorities said no one will be charged, however, one of the three victims plans to sue the school district.

A total of 10 football players were suspended from school and kicked off the team last month after an incident happened on September 19 in a locker room involving one victim of the three victims, who are also football players at the school.

On Thursday, officials said they investigated three total incidents but played down the severity of the hazing accusations in the locker room.

What we have is locker room horseplay, the York County Sheriff Bruce Bryant said. Nobody is being charged with anything.

Bryant said one of the victims was not credible after his story changed multiple times and the student was even laughing about the hazing allegations immediately afterward. Bryant added that the victim was even the instigator who thought the horse play was all fun.

There is no tradition of hazing at Clover. Your children are safe at Clover High School, said District Superintendent Dr. Marc Sosne.

While the other two victims had no desire to press charges, the same victim who Bryant believes is not credible plans to file a civil suit against the school district, according to York County Solicitor Kevin Brackett.

While a broomstick was present during one of the incidents, rumors that it used in the hazing are false, said Bryant. A broomstick was not used or threatened to be used during the locker room incident.

It was all a bunch of nothing, Brackett added.

Most of the 13 suspended students are back in school and all are expected to be able to graduate on time this spring. A few of the 10 players who were kicked off the squad are back on the team, which plays at Lancaster High School on Friday night.

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