CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Who could forget the Virginia Tech and Columbine school shootings? Certainly not the UNCC Campus Police Department, which is why they say they're doing everything they can to prepare for the worst.

UNCC Police Department formed a 13-member SWAT team with special training, special gear, and special tools and weapons.

You can't just sit and wait for something to happen. You have to be ready at a moment's notice, said Lt. Josh Huffman of the UNCC Campus Police and SWAT team. We can mobilize quickly. We have swat members on each squad, dayshift night shift.

I think it's very possible something like that could happen on campus, said sophomore Corbin Peters.

Most of these students weren't in college yet when the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting happened, but it's something they remember.

It was kind of scary. I wasn't even there and I can only imagine how scary it was for the students, said sophomore Calinda Burrus.

So learning their college campus has a SWAT team is very comforting.

A lot can happen in a short period of time. For them to be able to react faster makes me feel safer, said senior Jacob Deaton.

Officer Jerry Leocomte patrols the campus every day.

I think it's an essential part of a police department even though you hope it's something you'll never need, Leocomte said.

The team trains in campus buildings and dorms to learn the layout so if an incident were to occur, they'd know exactly what to do.

We hope that we never have to be activated. It's not something we look forward to or want to happen, but in the event it does happen, we're ready, said Lt. Huffman.

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