HICKORY, N.C. -- Susan Newton is more than a bit ticked off. She s downright shocked that three men bamboozled her 83-year-old mother out of $1,000.

My sister came over and said What in the world has gone on here, Newton said.

Three men knocked on the front door and pretended to know Susan s mom. They quickly offered to trim a healthy looking tree in the front yard, then went inside the house and wrote out the $1,000 check themselves.

Susan s 83-year-old mom signed it and didn t think anything of it.

My mom suffers from dementia and something called sundowners and so she remembered very little by the time my sister got here, Newton said.

The Hickory Police Department is investigating to see if a crime was committed. Newton says her mom was overcharged.

Many neighbors don t think it's right, and they say they will be on the lookout for the dark red truck with the two older men inside.

Susan is also upset about the huge pile of debris the men left in front of the house.

This does not look like a thousand dollars worth of work, to trim a tree that didn t even need trimming, Newton said.

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