Fabric that s valued at $40-$60 a yard! I m not kidding!

My friend Amy gave me the heads up on an INCREDIBLE deal on upholstery fabric. I mean, UNREAL DEAL. Check out the pic of all the overstocked upholstery she got her hands on for a sale this upcoming Saturday.

This fabric is valued at $40-$60 a yard, but instead, you can get THREE BOLTS FOR FREE IF YOU COME CHECK IT OUT! The bolts that are for sale and aren t free cost between $1 a bolt, to $3 a yard. How crazy is that?

Location: Modular Designs of Charlotte (227 Southside Drive, Suite A Charlotte, NC 28217; Next to the Olde Mcklenburg Brewery)

The sale is on Saturday, November 19th from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. I d go as early as possible!

Tom s of Maine has been really promoting their kid s strawberry toothpaste with free samples. The link is working again so check it out if you haven t already gotten your mini tube. Tom s of Maine products are very nice since they re natural and don t contain any artificial colors or flavors.

When I was at Panera Bread today for lunch, the super friendly cashier (named Kim, shoutout to Kim!) told me about their Panera Bread card, where you go online to register, and you ll get a freebie just for signing up. Then, depending on how many times you come into their restaurant (not how much you spend) you ll get points toward free items like a bakery cookie, or a You-Pick-2 meal.

Over at Waffle House, there s another freebie coupon you can easily print out and redeem here.

It s for a free cup of coffee! As always with coupons, make sure to read the details and call ahead to make sure your WH location will accept the coupon.

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